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About Me.

I was born in Saint John, New Brunswick

BSc Honours Chemistry -  Queen's University

PhD Organic Synthesis - UNB

Post Doctoral Fellow (x2) - UofT

Researcher - Marion Merrill Dow - Gerenzano, Italy

Assistant Professor - University of Winnipeg

Associate Professor of Chemistry - Mount Allison University


!976 - 1981

I did my BSc Honors work exploring the synthesis of the natural product Acivicin with Professor Ralph Whitney.


1981 - 1987

I came back to my home province of New Brunswick and did a PhD with Professor Denny Valenta. Working with 2 great colleagues, we synthesized an advanced intermediate directed towards the total synthesis of Bruceatin.


1987 - 1991

University of Toronto

I did Post Doctoral work with Professor Ron Kluger and Professor Jerry Kresge. I worked on biotin, artificial blood, and the synthesis and hydrolysis of ynamines.

Work / Academics

!1991 - 1993

Marion Merrill Dow Pharaceutical Company

I worked for 2 years in northern Italy for what was known at the time as Marion Merrill Dow - which is now Sanofi-Aventis. The Gerenzano research centre was devoted to the discovery of antibiotics thru screening of soil microorganism broths. I worked as a computational chemist / molecular modeler, in support of the medicinal chemists who were modifying some of the compounds being discovered.

1993 - 1995

York University

I worked with Professor Ed Lee-Ruff, who had a really neat idea for synthesizing 'buckybowl', half of buckyball. We didn't succeed, but we did some interesting chemistry.

1995 - 1999

University of Winnipeg

I accepted a term appointment at the University of Winnipeg. I had some great students and great colleagues there, and really enjoyed the city.

1999 - present day

I moved to Sackville, and the Best Undergraduate University in Canada in 1999. I have been teaching organic courses, and conducting research for all of that time.


Kasis Environmental Ltd

Co-founded Kasis Environmental Ltd with Travis Osmond. On the strength of some fascinating redox-active materials we discovered in the lab, that showed a high affinity for gold in aqueous solutions. We are currently optimizing this extraction process.





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